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Integrative Addiction Solutions

Addictions work in the brain via networks of association.

Each time you engage in the addictive behavior, you are strengthening those neural connections. People with addictions have a more robust area devoted to the neural pattern and response. My approach contains three basic levels, that are built upon with other techniques.

First, I teach clients how to interrupt the neural pathways for cravings while systematically rewiring the habit. The second level of the protocol uses memory reconsolidation to reduce or eliminate the emotional impact of past traumas. New research suggests that this technique can be used to eliminate persistent, unwanted memories which are often  key contributors of addiction.When clients experience that they can control the influence of implicit memories, it makes it easier to heal and move on with their lives.

Finally, we seal the deal by teaching addicts to develop alternative strategies for reward. This includes taking back  their power (self esteem and confidence)  from whomever or whatever experience they had given it away to. They learn to re-encode and install positive beliefs and motivations.

Hypnosis is a powerful sub modality in conjunction with traditional and non traditional approaches to addiction recovery!