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 Dec 28, 2014 3:04 AM by Keli Moore, KSBY News

Hynotherapy may help with stress and relaxation

It’s the time of year when many of us set those New Year’s resolutions; like get in shape; make more money; or challenge ourselves more at work, which of course can add stress in our lives.

One Los Osos woman said an unconventional approach to stress relief is just what you may need to kick your year off right.

“The heavier the eyes become, the more you desire to close them. Just relax,” said Gila Zak, a master hypnotist and owner of Quantum Waves in Los Osos.

Zak teaches clients how to react to stress in a different way, through hypnotherapy.

“We are looking at the subconscious mind and how it processes information and experiences,” explained Zak.

She guides a client into a heightened state of awareness — kind of like a trance or meditation. Zak said the person becomes so focused the outside world becomes still.

“It was removing these old blocks that I had from a past abusive relationship, where I was belittled and made to feel less than,” said Michelle Johnson, a client at Quantum Waves.

Johnson said her confidence is now greater, and she plans to continue her work with Zak.

“It is kind of a gradual thing where you maybe see it not the next day. You will see it appear in life where you don’t respond to situations the same way that you were before,” explained Johnson.

“For some people if they are really motivated and open it can clear in one to three sessions and for other people it could be quite a few more,” said Zak.

What about the skeptics?

“I say come try it,” said Zak. “I get a lot of people who say to me, I can’t be hypnotized. Or this isn’t real. Often the skeptics end up the happiest clients.”

Hypnotherapy can also be used as suggestion therapy in order to quit habits like smoking and nail biting. It is also often used in treating pain.




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