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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting_featureA tool I find invaluable is handwriting analysis along with Grapho-Theraputics. Our handwriting is an expression of our subconscious behaviors, tendencies and traits. It is revealed outwardly to us through our nervous system’s expression of holding pen to paper with our fingers. The form of our letters and strokes along with the meaning of the letters can give a surprisingly accurate picture of what is going on in our behavior. As we re-train parts of our handwriting over the course of weeks and months, we see our behavior begin to change as well. Even with clients that only see me for hypnotherapy, I will see their handwriting change as they go through the therapeutic process as naturally their behavior begins to change. In utilizing grapho-theraputics along with hypnotherapy we can expedite the transformative qualities of both methods.  In a complete analysis, we are able to see all the challenges and gifts that each of us have and in what situations we would use them.

Complete profiles for personal or professional are available for a fee.

Are you are curious about what your handwriting says about you and how it can be used in therapy? Maybe you doodle? Even your drawings and doodles reveal subconscious emotions and feelings!

Gila is a Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst (CAHA)

Handwriting analysis services for the following fields are available:

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