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All testimonials are shared with permission!

Kathy P  (For obtrusive thoughts)
Dear Gila,
Thank you again for your time and sweet tender care. That session was a total life changer for me, and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to really believe it. I am totally not kidding one bit when I say that I have barely had any thoughts at all around my parents death… Not really any. There is a deep relaxation, too, that must come from not caring that fear around with me all day. It smells like freedom! I especially want to thank you for your gentleness and sympathy. I felt so totally cared for during our session, fully supported. And that is a tremendous feeling!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your kindness and compassion is delicious and I want to thank you as
a fellow human for letting your light shine so brightly. You’re inspirational, G, and the world is a lovely and authentic place with you in it.

Rob C (For motion sickness)
Hi Gila, I wanted to update you on the success of our sessions! The boat trip was incredible and I and EVER felt sick!!!! We were in very choppy open water for multiple hours and I was fine. No drama mean needed! Thank you so much for your help and making me a believer in hypnotherapy. I’ve shared your number with a few others. Thanks again!

Cristi S (For peak athletic performance, marathon running)
Oh my gosh Gila!!! I just got home and sitting on my couch finding the right words to text you. I can’t even believe the day I just had. It was amazing! I totally use the tools you gave me and I did it! Got first in my age range group and fifth overall. I can’t thank you enough. You are really something else, I am so thankful for you it brings tears to my eyes.

Kellie B
Hi Gila,
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know I had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) labor. Baby came on Christmas Eve, with a quick, drug free labor of only 4 hours.  The pain and contractions got very intense at the end, and I asked about pain medicine, but by the time I thought of needing it I was almost done, with less than an hour to go. So we made it without drugs!We were laboring in the hospital parking lot until the last hour. I was so surprised and happy I made it all the way to the end. The hypnotherapy voice recordings and the positive thinking you provided helped me make it to the last hour. I was able to keep my mind in a positive place.Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal. I’m so happy I met you, and I’m so grateful for all the tools you provided. I attribute my success to the support my doctor, my doula, and especially to you!

I will continue to use the hypno tools and philosophy to tackle my other worries and anxiety as they come up. I find myself remembering the positive thinking model you explained, when I find my imagination taking me down a path of negative thoughts. It’s been helpful in other parts of my life, too.

Thank you for the amazing support:)!

With gratitude, Kellie

Maria O.
I had a very bad dental experience and was apprehensive about scheduling my next cleaning.  When I finally scheduled my cleaning, I contacted Gila to help me through my conundrum.  Gila was very understanding and made me feel comfortable throughout our session.  She sent me a taping, via email, of our session, which helped me before my appointment.  I am no longer feeling tense or apprehensive about the dentist due to our session.  I cannot thank her enough.  February 5, 2016

It was New Year’s Eve, my husband and I were home as I was sick with a bad chest cold. I saw Quantum Waves commercial for help with habit control. I smoked for 39 years and tried EVERYTHING to quit. I told my husband I’ve got to try hypnosis as I was sick of tobacco controlling my life. I got on-line and sent a message for Quantum Waves to contact me. I went in for my free consultation and Gila explained the process to me in detail. The process wasn’t one of the one and done hypnosis sessions. She was patient and worked with me until I was tobacco free! YES! YES! YES! Tobacco free after all these years and it feels, smells and tastes AWESOME! Thank you Gila and Quantum Waves for helping me reach a huge goal. I encourage that if you’re serious about quitting smoking to give Gila a call.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!   April 21, 2015 *Update: March 2016 – Valarie celebrates her one year anniversary of living life tobacco FREE!

Below: This sweet note was in my mailbox recently. Shared with permission: This client had developed panic attacks when driving on the freeway in traffic. They have an elderly parent in Los Angeles that they need to visit often and the anxiety was overwhelming to the point where they could no longer make the drive. I feel blessed to do what I do! This really brightened my day!


Lisa M
“I came to see Gila because our family was going through a crisis with my 20 year old daughter. Not only did she help me sleep better due to the stress, we also uncovered long held self talk patterns that were not serving me. I immediately began to hear healthy and positive self talk messages, sleep better, and feel hopeful. I also learned more in depth about my subconscious patterning, and was quickly able to let that go and began to see my life show up in the way in which I had been dreaming it to be.
I can not thank Gila enough, she is gifted, and also very real…..she connects with me on many levels and for that I am truly grateful.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

I received a sweet message from a client in New Zealand that I have been working with on issues unrelated to flying. She needed to travel out of town unexpectedly and told me she had developed a fear of flying after traveling since childhood by plane. The following testimonial was after a single session, where I advised her that usually this issue may require 1 to 3 sessions to resolve.

My week end in Sydney was amazing, the city is amazing, i visit the opera house, the bridge and many other things!!!
But the most amazing thing was my flight, obviously i was very nervous when i arrived at the airport, because from my last experience flying i was scared .. so it was more like an usual feeling !!! I had the two seats next to me free, and i sat next to the window ( which i never do) and as the plane was preparing, i felt i wasn’t going to be scared again…. I cried, not because i was afraid, but because i felt release !!! Its amazing how everything has change …. On my way back. it was raining and they had to close the airport for 3 hours, so i got a little nervous … but as a sat on the plane….. i knew everything was going to be ok ….
It was very shaky on my way back, but i knew it was normal …
I wish we could have meet earlier !!!

Thank you again …

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff, DC.
As a healthcare provider myself, I’ve come to understand the importance of the energy signatures in our bodies & how important it is to keep the energy flowing. Biofeedback facilitates this and Gila’s sessions can help keep you centered, relaxed and moving forward in your life.  June 14, 2012

Brenda Boorman, C.C.
“As a Biofeedback Specialist, Gila is professional, calm, and very kind. I’ve know Gila for a number of years working with her at fundraisers, in women’s associations and at the Chamber, she is always professional and considerate and has the end goal in site with tremendous suggestions. I have also been a client of Gila’s biofeedback and a student at one of her seminars and all I can say is AMAZING! You need to know Gila. May 18, 2012

Christine Marshall
I have been going to Quantum Waves now for almost 3 yrs.  Being type A, a business owner with 2 young children. I was living a stressful unbalanced life. I decided to try Gila’s services. It was wonderful and relaxing. I also had always been curious about meditation, but never found anywhere I was really comfortable. I decided to take Gila’s beginning meditation class.Her space is calming and she puts you right at ease. She made it easy to learn and after time I was able to calm the chatter of my busy life. And am able to use the tools she has taught me, outside of class.  My husband had notice such a shift in me, he decided to see her as well! He loves it and goes regularly. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Gila’s services are. Gila’s services have truly made a difference in our lives.  I highly recommend Quantum Waves to everyone wanting to make a positive change in their lives! May 17, 2012

Richard L. Manuputy
Gila M. Zak is an exceptional person. She exudes love, compassion and a genuine desire to help people. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She is a wonderful asset to our local community. May 15, 2012

Dana O’Brien
Gila’s bio feedback program has helped my entire family. Gila’s in depth knowledge and skill at interpreting the bio feedback program is excellent.   I am continually amazed at the great results I have had from Gila’s bio feedback sessions, I recommend her services without reservation!  May 15, 2012

Heather Miller
Prior to seeing Gila I was unaware of the healing capabilities of using biofeedback. I came to see her several times and each time saw great results plus learned how to help keep myself healthy. I also saw Gila on a weekly bases during my pregnancy for a guided meditation to help center myself which I think helped me have an easy pregnancy. She is very gifted at what she does and I am very happy to know I have her to go to if needed. I highly recommend Gila’s services. May 15, 2012

Clé Van Beurden
I highly recommend Gila and Quantum Waves Biofeedback. I have had amazing results after my sessions, the office has an a great ambiance and is very peaceful and relaxing.
Gila herself is very personable, professional, helpful and goes out of her way to make sure you are satisfied! May 15, 2012

Gyl Elliott
Gila is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. She was able to calm our group in under three minutes! Great skills, highly recommend. May 14, 2012

Dawn Rodden
Gila Zak is a Biofeedback Specialist with calm energy and a professional approach. She is a lovely person and brings a personal touch to her services.  May 14, 2012<

Debra Debra Angell
Gila Zak is a true professional. Her dedication to her goal, what ever it may be, is unstoppable. Her attention to detail, and consideration of others is a rare quality. May 14, 2012